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Frequently Asked Questions

• What is Unheard Stories?

“Unheard Stories” is an online film festival bringing together films highlighting the lives of refugees. It brings together unheard stories of refugees, starting on World Refugee Day on 20 June. The festival consists of 10 feature, medium length and short films from various countries including Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Serbia, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria.

• Where does the festival take place?

“Unheard Stories” is an online film festival held in Belgium. Although the website is accessible anywhere in the world, the film can only be watched in Belgium territories. All the times are in CEST time zone.

• Who is organising the festival?

“Unheard Stories” online film festival is organized by the European Commission as part of the communication activities of the Facility for Refugees in Turkey. Refugees in Turkey are supported by the European Union through various projects, which are implemented by the EU’s international partners and Turkish ministries.

• Who can watch the films?

Anybody in Belgium can watch the films. Only two films –Mr. Gay Syria and Central Airport THF- have a quota of 500 viewers which is applied on a “first come, first served” basis. Other films have no limits on the number of viewers.

• How can I attend the festival?

The festival is taking place solely online due to the current COVID-19 health and safety measures. Each film will be available on the festival website for a limited time window. Apart from the film screenings, there will be an online live talk session, hosted by the European Union with the participation of the UNHCR, the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Turkish Red Crescent Society – IFRC and Concern Worldwide on the projects they have implemented in collaboration with the EU under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey, between 13:00-14:00 CEST on the second day of the festival, 21 June 2021. The session can be re-watched throughout the festival after its live broadcast. Additionally, the festival will feature pre-recorded Q&A sessions with a selection of the filmmakers.

• How can I watch the films?

The films will be available on the festival website anyone in Belgium for a two 24-hour time window starting from 09:00 each day for. This corresponds to two consecutive days for most of the films. The films are copyright protected. Standard copyright infringement regulations apply. Copying or cropping images or clips from the films as well as sharing and distributing them is strictly forbidden and necessitates legal action.

• Is the event free of charge?

Yes, the event is completely free.

• Do the film screenings offer subtitles?

Yes, all films are subtitled in English.

• What are the system requirements to watch the films?

Films can be watched on the computers with OS Windows 7.0 or higher, on Intel processor MAC devices with OSX 10.12 or higher, Android tables and phones with Chrome web browser, iPhones and iPads with Safari web browser. The browsers are recommended to be updated to the latest versions. Broadband or fiber Internet connection is advised for better performance.

• Where can I ask if I have questions?

You can send your technical questions to info@unheardstories.eu. Our team will do their best to address any problem immediately.